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Updated: Jul 27, 2020

The Sarjeant Gallery Redevelopment Project has officially got the green light and a $10 million government grant to move into the 'construction' phase.

Next steps include the appointment of archaeological consultants, a Heritage Authority Application, a building survey, an updated condition assessment of the Oamaru stone cladding and a geotechnical peer review.

Sarjeant Gallery and Ruapehu. Photo by Leigh Mitchell-Anyon.

The Class A heritage building in Whanganui has been closed since 2014 while the Sarjeant Gallery Trust raised funds for the $35 million project. Greg Anderson, the gallery’s director, says the building is now empty and quiet but when the archaeological dig begins, it will be full of activity. The projected re-opening will be in 2021.

First published Art Zone #74


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