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Star gazing

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Matthew McIntyre Wilson (Taranaki, Ngā Māhanga and Titahi) makes brooches by hand-cutting coins and repurposing imagery found on various New Zealand, Cook Island and British pieces.

Photography by Amber-Jayne Bain

The artist, jeweller and weaver says, ‘The potent images found on the coins’ will be interpreted variously, depending on the viewer’s heritage or their perspective on New Zealand.’

During Matariki, large-scale photographs of the brooches will be displayed in the light boxes along Wellington’s Courtenay Place. Named Whetū Whitu, which loosely translates as ‘seven stars’, the exhibition highlights the star Puanga, and Matariki as a time for gathering and sharing. ‘In New Zealand, where there is such a turbulent history between the crown and Māori, there are numerous stories and perspectives to be told,’ says McIntyre Wilson.

Whetū Whitu

Courtenay Place light boxes, Wellington

From 1 June

First published ArtZone #74


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