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People's Choice

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Top judges came from far and wide to pick the best photos in the competition, but Wellington also defers to the court of public opinion?

Back In Time – Zuyi Woon

More than 1,300 Wellingtonians have cast their votes, and the winner of the first Capital Photographer of the Year’s People’s Choice Award has been decided.

Zuyi Woon’s Back In Time portrait has been a fan favourite since the opening night of the Capital Photographer of the Year exhibition at Te Auaha Gallery. A finalist in the competition, it also caught the judges’ attention. Splendid Photo’s Sean Aickin said of the photo: “Where is he going? Is he rushing? Has he seen the photographer and is avoiding them? All questions that make me want to know more about this image. I’m drawn to the other characters too but they’re just far enough in the distance to not impact too much on our main character. And the fog adds more tension. Great image.”

See the winners for each of the Capital Photographer of the Year categories here.


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