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It's personal

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

An exhibition of work by six emergent female artists looks both inward and out to the world beyond.

Rea Burton, Self portrait 25 Blushing, 2019, oil, flashe and glitter on canvas, artist frame (steel, wire, enamel).

Now re-opened under Level 2, Wallace Arts Trust at the Pah Homestead hosts Conditioner, a group exhibition of paintings, drawings and installations by Yvonne Abercrombie, Georgia Arnold, Rea Burton, Rhea Maheshwari, Aleksandra Petrovic and Danae Ripley. These artists explore what is intrinsically personal, pertinent concerns, or notions of oneself.

While creating art is often a solitary activity, the presentation of art can be quite the opposite. This relationship is echoed in the exhibition. The artworks are described as 'dualistic', with a view inward to oneself and out to the world beyond.


Pah Homestead, Wallace Arts Trust

Until 28 June


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