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Confidence in clay

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

‘Potters, you masters of the dip and splash, I’m in awe of your gorgeous techniques,*’ said guest selector and exhibiting artist, Sam Duckor-Jones who was the judge for the 60th Wellington Potters’ Association annual exhibition.

* From They'll paddle out at dawn, 2017, Sam Duckor-Jones

More than 150 works are exhibited at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts gallery on the waterfront. ‘What a privilege to participate in this celebration of form and colour and the loose confidence that makes such work possible,’ said Sam, who has recently released his first book of poetry.

Sam Duckor-Jones. Photo by Jake Walker.

Six awards, chosen by Duckor-Jones, were announced at the opening on 14 November including our own ArtZone Award for Excellence in Hand-built Ceramics. Wairarapa potter Sophie Bidwill received this award for her sculpture The Drip.

Sophie Bidwill, 'The Drip' (partial), photo by Chris Parkin

The Wellington Museum Premier Acquisition Award for Excellence in Ceramics was won by Oliver Morse, for a second year in a row, for his work Cordial Boy. The other winning pieces are Mal Sole’s Wood-fired Vessel, Keil Cas’ Hue, Dani Henke’s Deer? and Nicole Gaston’s Vagina Teapot which won her the award for Excellence as a First-time Exhibitor.

Oliver Morse and Sam Duckor-Jones with 'Cordial Boy'. Photo by Chris Parkin.

The public are invited to vote for the People’s Choice Award which will be announced on 1 December- the final day of the exhibition.


The Wellington Potters’ Association's annual showcase of new pottery works. Together with Splash 2018, the national exhibition of Watercolour New Zealand.

Academy Galleries, Queens Wharf, Wellington

Until 1 December 2018


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