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Bootleg and Bats

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Ed Bats’ art sits within painting, sculpture, and installation. He often incorporates second-hand furniture and household items, such as window blinds and coffee tables, to create “assemblages”.

Ed Bats, 'Don't be suspicious'

Bootleg Utopia, an exhibition of new work by Bats, is at Page Galleries until 12 September.

The title comes from a note Ed wrote to himself during lockdown: “We’ve always wished for a brighter future, a utopia of sorts, but all we got was a bootleg version of it.”

Gallery Manager Lily Hacking tells us that Bats is not the Wellington artist's real name. "He works under a pseudonym, something that emerged out of his days as a graffiti artist. Perhaps as a result, Bats’ works are imbued with a certain architectural quality that is evident in both their physicality and construction.”


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