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The kids are ok

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Claudia Mangnall, a Year 13 student from Matamata College, has won first prize (and $500) in the 9th Annual Wallace Secondary School Art Awards 2020.

Claudia Mangnall, Constructed Belief, 2020, Sculpture

Her sculpture, Constructed Belief, explores religion. Choosing to believe in something that can’t be proven connects people, she says. “Religion is one of, if not the strongest set of beliefs any person can have.”

Second prize and $400 has gone to Flynn Mercer for his painting Beginning of Degradation. The Year 12 student from Nelson College says the work is the beginning of a series that wants to “portray how harassing, bullying and picking on a person can slowly pick away at them, in a literal way.”

Flynn Mercer, Beginning of Degradation, 2020, Painting

Katie Lee from ACG Parnell won third prize for her drawing Welcome to Casino World. Katie says the work describes gambling addiction – “a vicious cycle since ancient times.” High Commended Awards went to Caitlin Taylor from St Cuthbert’s College and Lauri Leasuasu from Birkenhead College.

Drawings, paintings, prints, photographs and sculptures by the winners and finalists are at the Wallace Arts Centre, Pah Homestead until 1 November.

Images courtesy of the Wallace Arts Trust

Katie Lee, Welcome to Casino World, 2020, Drawing

Caitlin Taylor, Lorem Academy, 2020, Photography

Lauri Leasuasu, Her Voice, 2020, Painting

All images courtesy of the Wallace Arts Trust.


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