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Propaganda for good

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Tiger Murdoch, a guerrilla-style artistic duo, are concerned about the social and political hierarchies related to growing inequality in New Zealand.

"Gt North Road" outside the Auckland Library, 24/4/2017, image courtesy of Tiger Murdoch.

Their exhibition, The Insider, creates a propaganda-style campaign as a catalyst for conversation, using public spaces such as street and gallery as sites for responses to inequality. They say, ‘The photograph of the empty state house is symbolic of the housing/rental crisis, families living in cars and on the street, while the National government at the time was evicting families and selling off state houses. The premise of the work and the placement in public space was to help stimulate public conversation, and ultimately action.’

Tiger Murdoch: The Insider

4–30 June

First published ArtZone #74


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