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National identity

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

An exhibition taking over the entire space is planned for the grand re-opening of Wellington’s City Gallery.

Michael Stevenson This Is the Trekka 2003-5, collection Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand

This Is New Zealand takes a critical look at the stories we have told ourselves, and the stories we have told others, about who we are. The exhibition re-presents Venice Biennale works by Michael Stevenson, Michael Parekowhai, and Simon Denny, alongside New Zealand works created for world fairs, expos, and other diplomatic contexts. New Zealand films, TV ads, and early tourism campaigns feature and there are also new projects exploring national iconography by Bronwyn Holloway-Smith, Gavin Hipkins, and Emil McAvoy.

This Is New Zealand

City Gallery, Wellington

3 March – 15 July 2018

First published ArtZone #73


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