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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Climate change and how the people of Tokelau are working to preserve their islands is the subject of Vaka, creative media production student Ben Dickens’ documentary showing in Massey University’s annual graduate exhibition.

Ben Dickens filming on location in Tokelau for the 'Vaka' documentary

Exposure He Kanohi Kitea is an exhibition of work by Massey’s College of Creative Arts students. Along with Vaka, it includes an interactive digital sign-language platform, a kinetic sound and light installation, and original music incorporating te Reo Māori and Taonga Pūoro (traditional Māori instruments).

Ben Dickens filmed Vaka on location in the remote island community of Tokelau, a Pacific leader in action on climate change. The 20 minute documentary celebrates the Tokelauan people's dedication to preserving their islands and reveals the inroads that Tokelau is making toward long-term solutions, using customary wisdom and collective resilience, as well as scientific knowledge and modern technologies.

A number of the students are tackling serious issues through their work. Chelsea Lyons’ work Excise Your Excision aims to raise awareness of endometriosis by visually engaging the audience with this topic through a range of vessels and full drop print designs, and fashion student Genevieve Jensen’s collection, The Lone Woman, explores the negative effects of gendered microaggression against women.

Exposure He Kanohi Kitea is open to the public from 2 – 16 November. The Exposure Music Showcase is on 6 November and the Exposure Massey Fashion Show is 8 & 9 November.


Image credits

Excise Your Excision by Chelsea Lyons.

Garment from Genevieve Jensen’s The Lone Woman collection.


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