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Early acclaim

Olivia Boulieris’ Level 3 Photography Portfolio has been selected for the annual NZQA Top Art exhibition.

Olivia Boulieris, "Plastic ice berg", 2020

Olivia completed her portfolio during her final year at Samuel Marsden Collegiate School in Wellington. “My portfolio focuses on nature and the impact of plastic pollution on climate change. I photographed natural landscapes and I really enjoyed creating some still life images for the first time.” Did Covid affect her work? “I loved having extra hours during lockdown, I was able to pull all my ideas together during that time.”

Olivia, who achieved excellence in NCEA photography in years 12 and 13, and in year 13 design, attended the opening of the exhibition at Massey University and says, “all of the work presented exceeded my expectations, I feel privileged that my work is included.”

Anne Noble, Professor of Fine Arts (Photography) at Massey University and a judge of the inaugural Capital Photographer of the Year competition, says Olivia’s portfolio was one of the most creative and imaginative in the exhibition.

Olivia, who tells us she plans to enter CPotY, is now enrolled in a Diploma in Creativity at Whitireia. “I am excited to learn new information, new techniques, and to branch out beyond photography.”

NZQA Top Art exhibition, touring nationwide, March–September 2021

Olivia Boulieris, "Motivation to keep it clean", 2020

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